Red Onion


Red Onion Records


Red Onion Records is a music store located in Washington D.C. They offer new, used, and rare records. The business stocks a highly diverse collection of vinyl ranging from blues, rock, and todays alternative hits. It also focuses on highlighting local music artists by selling their records and merchandise as well as holding in house shows. They have a large supply of vinyl records for sale to promote a more authentic sound.


As the resurgence for vinyl records continues, the need for a store with a wide variety of music is increasing—including hard to find and rare records. Vinyl records are an essential media for anyone who is serious about the way they listen to music. It offers a more authentic sound that can’t be replicated. Red Onion stocks a wide collection of diverse music including old favorites, rarities, new, and local albums. Simple, functional, and contemporary, Red Onion Records is the place to go for vinyl records.


The type and color palette used reflects the modern retro style Red Onion Records cultivates. By using a monospace type it references a vintage feel, while pairing it with a sans serif brings it back to the modern age.


The tagline subtly communicates that vinyl records, which the store predominantly sells, produces a more authentic sound and better aligns with what the artist intended the music to sound like.

Collection 5 - Mock Up 4 - Stationery.png

A series of posters are utilized to advertise upcoming shows at the venue. Artists would include smaller locally known bands. These posters were recreated using a Riso printer on newsprint. The use of Riso printing hand in hand with the music industry as it was cheap and easy for small bands to print a large amount of posters.